Web Verification
Can’t meet the seller because they are not local? No worries, use ARthentix Check to verify if the sneakers are legit!

Check if the sneakers are ARthentix Verified

As a seller, go to your ARthentix app and select the sneaker you are selling. Tap on “Generate Code” and enter in the buyers email address. A code with instructions will automatically be sent to the buyer with instructions on how to access and verify the sneakers.

As a buyer, once you receive the serial number and authorization code, go to and enter in the information. If they are legit, you will see a full history of the sneakers as well as information on who the current owner of the sneakers are. If the codes provided to you from the seller do not work, the sneakers are not registered with ARthentix and could be counterfeit!

ARthentix is easy, fast and accurate!